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 analytics. strategy. design. sustainability. innovation.

common intellectual creators. based in ATLANTA, USA with a goal to create an environment where creators can build their story on their road to success.


THE STORY - a creator at work told SHEV to express with a pen and make it permanent. he said "with honest effort comes opportunity". on Friday's, two creative geniuses and a student shared the five sketches of the week.  it was my favorite meeting.  this arrangement continued until the world shut down.  

stay grounded while being in the sky.    only a lifetime to go.  


SHEV began conversations with people to learn their story  and hit record. COMMON INTELLECTUAL had the vision to understand the why - learning why people do what they do, feel what they feel - all to empower dreams, to create for the world     


THE CONCEPT - we all have a blank page. we have the opportunity to create anything.   creations tell a story.   we have our unique experiences to voyage.


common intellectual creators.  tell that story of creators.


for the world. 

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